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Chinchillas ought not be kept outside, and within temperature ought not be kept over 75 degrees. Chinchillas have incredibly thick fur (80 to 120 strands for each follicle) and can undoubtedly overheat. Along these lines, the region where your chinchilla is kept ought to be very much ventilated and have generally low dampness.

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Chinchilla Information

Chinchillas are local to the Andes Mountains in South America. In their local climate, they would reside in provinces, otherwise called crowds, and would make their homes in tunnels or hole in rocks. They can inhabit high heights of up to 15,000 feet.

Chinchillas are prey creatures and in the wild are pursued by birds, snakes, cats and canines. They have fostered an assortment of protection strategies against hunters, including showering pee and slipping fur. They can likewise hop as high as six (6) feet.

In the mid 1900’s, an American architect by the name of M.F. Chapman was working in Chile. He was acquainted with chinchillas by nearby Indians who involved them for their fur. He was permitted to catch 11 chinchillas and take them back to the U.S. to raise and sell. It is broadly accepted that all tamed chinchillas are descendents of the first 11 brought back by Chapman.


In the event that you are thinking about buying or embracing a chinchilla for yourself or any other person, there are a couple of interesting points

1. Chinchillas are not generally cordial, huggable pets that like to be held. A few proprietors have the delight of having tame chinchillas who love consideration, yet, generally claiming a chinchilla is a ton like having a feline. They maintain that should would what they like to do, and really like to not be held or snuggled.

2. Chinchillas are nighttime. They rest the entire day and go the entire evening running on their wheel, bobbing around their enclosure, biting toys and eating. Assuming that you intend to have your chinchilla’s enclosure in the room where you rest, know that this might be an issue.

3. Chinchillas can satisfy 20 years, perhaps more. Possessing a chinchilla is a drawn out responsibility. Before you buy or embrace a pet, ensure you are ready for a pet with such a future.

4. Chinchillas can be costly pets, particularly to start with. The actual chinchilla can be a costly buy, yet you likewise need sufficient lodging, an enclosure that is protected and strong – and frill. Chinchillas additionally require food and feed, dust for washing and bedding.

5. Vet care for chinchillas can be very costly and you will require a vet with fascinating experience. Chinchillas by and large possibly require vet care when there is a sickness or injury, and thus there are not much of vets with chinchilla experience. You will need to ensure you have a vet arranged early on as opposed to holding on until you want one. They can in some cases be more diligently to find than you suspect.

6. Chinchillas can overheat rapidly and they actually should be kept cool. In the event that you don’t have cooling or a cool room in your home, a chinchilla may not be the right pet for you. It is felt that the most noteworthy temperature can endure is 75 degrees. It is ideal to keep your chinchilla in a temperature scope of somewhere in the range of 65 and 70 degrees all year.

7. Do you have sensitivities? Most pet people won’t have aversions to the chinchillas, however to their residue or feed. In the event that you have sensitivity to both of these, you can in any case claim a chinchilla however should wear a cover or potentially gloves while dealing with the residue and roughage. You may likewise profit from involving an air purifier in the room where your chinchillas are housed.

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