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Pink-and-White Locken

We couldn’t be more excited about this litter, as we have never seen pink-and-white lockens before! Not sure…these might be the first two.

This little girl is remarkable, both in color, curl, and personality. We just can’t stand to part with her.

DOB: 21 June 2023

Ready:  Now!

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Rare pink-white Locken chinchilla has just won your heart

How many Wonders of the World have you seen? Well, the eighth Wonder of the World was born this April — a beautiful Locken named Faye. She was born with two major things that distinguish her from her sisters and brothers. First, she is curly. Second, she boasts a rare white and pink shade of fur. We bet you’ve never seen female pink-white Locken chinchillas like Faye.

In addition to her unusual appearance, Faye is very affectionate and loves being the center of attention. She enjoys watching people doing their human things and often squeaks when she sees them.

This lovely pink-white Locken chinchilla may seem a little spoiled, but you can’t help but admit that such a cutie fully deserves it. Nothing pleases her so much as her owner’s caress. 

Become an owner of a fantastic female pink-white Locken chinchilla

Faye is dreaming of a spacious cage with delicious branches and hay, lots of toys, and baths. Her new area should be dry and cool. She will become a great companion for people who value aesthetics and singularity. 

Caring for Faye will not cause inconvenience, as she doesn’t smell and shed. Do not waste your energy on doubts and buy this pink-white Locken chinchilla online

It will not be easy for us to part with Faye. But if you choose her, we will arrange delivery directly to your home. We will handle everything so that she doesn’t experience stress and arrives to you within 7 days. International shipping is also possible, but we need from 4 to 22 days to arrange it to be safe for Faye.

Chinchilla For Sale guarantees that Faye is healthy and has no genetic disorders. In case of illness, she has a health guarantee for medical care.

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