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Mosaic Locken

Gorgeous and super curly; every day his curls seem to be getting tighter!

DOB: 9 March 2023

Ready:  Now!

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Male mosaic Locken chinchilla near me: All eyes are on Irwin

Congratulations! You’ve just found a curly Locken named Irwin. He is everything you need: a fluffy cuddle bug who can brighten up any cloudy day and improve your gloomy mood. At Chinchilla For Sale, you can get this mosaic Locken chinchilla for sale as a lifetime friend and a family member. He likes to snack, sleep, and play around his little house. Well, who doesn’t?

How may your life change if you buy this mosaic Locken chinchilla?

With a Locken chinchilla, your life will never be the same. And it’s not just about the new responsibility of caring for Irwin, which takes only a few hours a day. After all, you are buying a mosaic Locken chinchilla companion with his unique personality and habits. So, here’s what to expect:

  • You will never be alone. Irwin is not only a good listener but a helpful adviser (of course, if you can translate his gentle squeaking).
  • Every evening, Irwin will host a mini-party with hay and dust baths in his cage.
  • About a hundred photos and videos of this adorable chinchilla may appear on your phone.
  • You should be careful to walk around your place to not accidentally stumble upon this mischievous rodent.
  • From now on, you will always have a funny chinchilla story to share.

For US residents, these changes may come within 2-7 days if you buy Irwin today. If you live in another country but have firmly decided that you need this mosaic Locken chinchilla for sale, expect him to arrive within 22 days. You will have enough days to prepare a spacious cage, pumice stone, and a large wheel for Irwin. Meanwhile, we will handle all paperwork for your chin, including a health guarantee and other documents.

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