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Light Beige


This little boy is sooooo sweet! Loves being held, and riding around in your shoulder. Awesome coloring!

DOB:  11 June 2023
Ready:  Now!

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Furry Jeff is here as a light beige chinchilla for sale

Have you ever heard that all chinchillas hate being held? Do you even believe in it and are afraid that your chin may bite you when you want to give them a gentle hug? Wait until you meet our male light beige chinchilla named Jeff. Not only does he look like a plush toy, but he also acts like one. 

Jeff is a loving pet who gets extremely excited about shoulder rides to see places around or just stay closer to his owner. Hugging? That’s the only thing Jeff can’t live without!

Jeff is proud of his bushy, sleek beige fur. He’s pretty good at cleaning it on his own, so you don’t have to brush him. Jeff is always up for some rolling in his dust bath to keep his fur perfectly beige and protected from moisture.

Will Jeff get along with another male light beige chinchilla?

Do you already own a chinchilla and are looking for a cage buddy for them? Jeff is open with humans and other rodents, and he won’t mind sharing some love with another chin. However, here’s a caveat: introducing Jeff to your female pet or an adult chinchilla isn’t the best idea. But if you own a young male running around that cage and wheels, he might become a bosom friend to Jeff. That’s when you can buy this light beige chinchilla with confidence.

Is Jeff healthy?

Absolutely! Like all our chins, Jeff undergoes regular medical testing to rule out genetic disorders, dental problems, and even fur issues. We would never put this little light beige chinchilla up for sale if we didn’t check him for health woes. Jeff is full of vigor and will make a cheerful pet for any family.

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