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Meet Our Energetic Dark Beige-Brown Male Chinchilla
Super sweet and incredibly active, this dark beige-brown boy loves being held and riding around on your shoulder. His vibrant personality and striking color make him the perfect companion for any family looking for an affectionate and lively pet.

8 weeks

Adoption Fee and Criteria:
The price listed is essentially an adoption fee, as we work directly with breeders and owners to ensure new homes are found. There are specific criteria to be met before the adoption can be finalized, to ensure the perfect conditions for the proper development and wellbeing of our chinchillas.

  • Carrier: Safe and comfortable for transportation.
  • Delivery: We’ll bring your new furry friend right to your doorstep.
  • Health Insurance: Initial coverage for peace of mind.
  • 3-Month Food Supply: Nutritious and suitable for a young chinchilla.
Also Included:
  • Starter Cage Setup: A cozy and suitable temporary home for your chinchilla.
  • Bedding and Litter: High-quality materials for a clean and comfortable environment.
  • Chew Toys: A variety of safe toys to keep those tiny teeth healthy.
  • Dust Bath and Dust: Essential for fur care, includes a dust bath container and special chinchilla dust.
  • Care Guide Booklet: Comprehensive information on caring for your chinchilla.
  • Health Checkup Voucher: A voucher for a vet checkup to ensure your pet’s health.
  • Ongoing Support: We’re here to answer any of your questions and provide advice.
  • Socialization Tools: Helps your chinchilla comfortably adjust to its new home.
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Here’s our Simon — Male beige-brown chinchilla for sale

Hi! I am Simon, an adorable, super-fluffy, active beige-brown chinchilla for sale to a loving family. I’m dreaming of a cozy home and people who will play with me in the evenings. As a sweet chinchilla boy, I crunch branches at night and sleep soundly during the day. I promise that this looks cute.

Male beige-brown chinchilla for sale is looking for a home

Simon is a nocturnal animal that sleeps during the day and gets a little showy in his cage at night. He is incredibly playful, loves to run his exercise wheels, and enjoys some good straw. As an active rodent, he is constantly chewing on something, which is something everyone finds amusing. Simon has a talent for making people smile.

Before you buy this beige-brown chinchilla, you should know that Simon needs your care and time. Play with him every day for several hours, be calm and respectful, and he will surely love you back. 

Buy a beige-brown chinchilla at Chinchilla For Sale

We take good care of Simon. This fluffy boy lives in a tepid, well-ventilated room with low dampness. If you choose to get him, there’s a health guarantee that will arrive with Simon. This means we will provide him with medical care for free if he falls ill. However, we are sure Simon will stay fine, as now he is an active and healthy chinchilla who loves having fun with people. 

Simon will be ready for sale by 28 July 2022. We can carefully deliver him across Kansas City or all over the USA. It will take 2-7 days for him to arrive and for you to meet your new friend. We are also ready to arrange Simon’s international trip to your location within 22 days.

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