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How to Play with Your Pet Chinchilla

How to Play with Your Pet Chinchilla

Chinchillas enjoy playing and being played with, just like most animals. Playing is good for their health and gives children a chance to express themselves in a special way. Don’t be discouraged, though, if your interactions with chinchillas while playing are relatively scant; they prefer to go about their own business. Nevertheless, there are many things you can do to make their playtime as enjoyable as you can, both inside and outside of their cages.

What Chinchilla Love to Play

A wheel is a fantastic technique for chinchillas to exercise while in a contained space because many of them want to run. Your chinchilla could break its legs on a spoke-based wheel, so make sure the base is firm.

Rodent-themed pet toys should be placed inside the cage. These will be chew toys for your chinchilla. Blocks or branches of wood can be provided, but make sure the wood is pesticide-free. If you have access to them, sturdy parrot toys can function in this situation.

Allow it to stair-run up and down. This activity is comparable to letting it climb its cage or run on its wheel, but on a far larger scale. A little step ladder will do if you don’t feel safe letting your chinchilla ascend the stairs. It won’t be climbing anything too high and you can keep it in your sights.

Set aside evenings for your chinchilla to play. Chinchillas are nocturnal and accustomed to their routines. They favour structure over unpredictability. Take your chinchilla out of its cage for some fun at a time that suits you in the evening.

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