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Eddie is playful and explorative, he would rather be held than have his photo taken.
DOB: 29 June 2023

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Make friends with Eddie — A playful violet chinchilla for sale

Eddie is an amazingly mobile and active chinchilla who can’t sit still for more than a minute. That means you won’t be lonely with this boy. Buy this violet male chinchilla for sale and forget what boredom is!

Eddie is full of energy and enthusiasm and is a good companion for kids. This chinchilla will not only entertain your children but also teach them to take care of others. 

Eddie has some talents that will enchant you. He can jump up to 2 meters high and gladly does it as a greeting. He can also sleep upside down, like a fluffy, cute bat. We guarantee that happiness and laughter will come to your home with Eddie.

Eddie may sometimes be restless. With his curious nature, he will be happy to walk around your place and enliven your daily routine. But be careful with him and always keep an eye on Eddie when he’s outside. After all, his love for adventure can lead him to the most unexpected corner of your home.

Buy a violet chinchilla online and find out how fantastic Eddie is

At Chinchilla For Sale, you can find the fluffiest violet chinchillas. We take care of them here in Kansas City and do our best to deliver a happy, well-mannered pet to you.

Eddie is our favorite chinchilla boy. He is a young tamed violet chinchilla for sale with a health guarantee. If you buy him, we will swiftly deliver Eddie within 7 days. We believe that distance should not separate this pet from his loving owner. If you like Eddie, we can even deliver him to the other side of the world. But, in this case, you will have to wait for 4 to 22 days.

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