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Ebony Angora


Going to be absolutely amazing, he will have amazing ear tufts and look even more fluffy than his absolutely gorgeous dad. This little fluff ball is sweet as can be, very calm, very vocal, and absolutely adorable!

DOB: 25 June 2023

Ready:  Now!

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Richard: Fluffy ebony Angora chinchilla for sale

Are you hunting for the cutest chinchillas out there? Then you should buy our ebony Angora chinchilla, Richard. He is a very chilled boy and a dazzling Angora representative. He is fluffier than his brothers and sisters and has smaller ears, all making him super-cutie.

Richard is not purely black but ebony. His fur has grayish undertones and white strands on his belly, which adds more charm to his appearance.

Richard can be timid, but when he gets to know you, he will show his dedication in all ways. He will sit and let you pet him, eat from your hands, and cuddle with you.

This Angora boy has been surrounded with love from the day he was born. We give him all he needs to grow into a healthy pet: quality food and space to run around.

How to get a male ebony Angora chinchilla near me

Richard is a bundle of joy, so it’s hard to resist the temptation to repeat how adorable he is a million times. If you can’t wait to bring this furry buddy home, you can come to our place in Kansas City. Even if you live far away, this shouldn’t hinder your desire to buy this ebony Angora chinchilla.

If you’re serious about becoming a pet parent to Richard, we can arrange his safe transportation to any part of the USA. There are no compromises for us in this matter as we:

  • Entrust carriers with solid experience to deliver Richard to you
  • Make sure that a well-ventilated crate is used to transport Richard
  • Provide him with enough food and water throughout the delivery process

Before sending Richard your way, we will examine his health to guarantee that you get a healthy and lively pet. This precious ebony Angora chinchilla for sale can become yours in just a few clicks!

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